Taare Zameen Par

This is certainly one of the best movies I have watched in the recent times. A brilliant directorial debut by the very talented Aamir Khan, the movie is centered around a 8 year old dyslexic boy Ishaan Awasthi, played by Darsheel Safary. You would have to see the movie to realize what a great job Darsheel has done !!! His body language, expressions and dialog delivery are fantastic.

Really happy to be ending the year with two beautiful movies – Evano Oruvan and Taare Zameen Par.

Season Imsais – 2

Some more imsais from last week’s concerts:

  • The mami sitting next to me at a concert talks to some kin of hers back home: “Ennadi .. Anandham poyindirukka …. seri seri … apparam vandhu kadhai kettukkaren. Kolangal ku munnadi vandhuruven … seriya … phone-a vekkaren” (For the uninitiated, Anandham and Kolangal are TV serials running on Sun TV)
  • The mama sitting a row ahead of mine remarks after hearing a beautiful behAg alapanai: “Aahaa … ippo alaipAyudE kaNNA vaasippar paaru
  • This one is not an imsai but it is so good that I couldn’t resist posting it here. Nalli Kuppusami Chettiar recollected this during one of the felicitation functions. It seems Sri Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer used to always come before the scheduled time to all the functions he was invited to. It so happened that once Semmangudi mama came 10 minutes late to a function. Nalli Chettiar couldn’t believe his eyes. Upon enquiry, iyerval told that he had to go to a function in Nanganallur before coming there and it had taken him a long time to locate the venue in Nanganallur. The people it seems still couldn’t believe iyerval had landed late to which iyerval remarked: “Ravanan Seethayai kondu Asoka vanathula vechan. Hanumar odane kandu pidichuttar. Avan Seethaiyai Nanganallur la kondu vandundaan na innikki varaikkum Hanumar thedindu iruppar” 🙂

Now for some “photo” imsais:

  • The mama in the snap below is wearing a “monkey cap” to protect himself from cold in an auditorium where the AC (enga oorula cold aa irundha thaan AC) was close to non-existant and where all the other people were sweating like crazy:

Season Imsai - Monkey Cap

  • Some sabhas complain that artists don’t finish on time. No wonder, if they have time displayed this way (poor quality of photo is regretted)

Season Imsai - What’s the time?

Evano Oruvan

There have been quite some movies in the past that have made me feel helpless and sometimes even question my very existence. But if there is one movie that has impacted me the most and literally made me cry, it is Nishikanth Kamath’s “Evano Oruvan”. Many hours have passed since I finished watching it but I still can’t get some of the scenes out of my head. They keep reminding me of so many similar incidents that happen around me everyday.

The movie kept me glued to my seat right from the first few scenes depicting the monotony of the protagonist’s life till the very last one. The dialogs were so simple, yet so powerful. Madhavan, Sangeetha and Seeman played their roles so beautifully. The character played by Seeman seemed to add so much meaning to the script – a character who was a part of the corrupt system itself but was impacted by his own conscience, a character that provided some insights into why the rot existed in the first place.

Undoubtedly the best film I have watched in the recent times.

The synopsis, courtesy the movie’s official website :

This is a story of a simple city dweller who journeys introspectively, hunting for the reasons why his society failed to provide him the evolution he really deserved. This is the story of every man who journeys to and fro everyday, trapped in metal boxes, trying to beat the monstrosity he himself created. This is the story of Sridhar Vasudevan, a middle class bank officer who lives with his wife and kids in Nanganallur, a suburb on the outskirts of the city and travels by train to his workplace in the city. Vasudevan’s life is a weird cycle of routine events, which are quite boring. . He struggles right from the water for household use, to get a place to sit in an overcrowded train heading to Beach Station. He works hard in the bank to sustain himself in the rat race. He faces his nagging housewife Vatsala, who is unhappy about every little thing in their life. He worries about the future of his son Varun and his education. He cares for his little girl, Varsha who is about to join school. Vasudevan has to struggle each minute of his day to survive…. But…

But, Vasudevan is not ready to go against his principles. He doesn’t believe in the hook or crook theory. He lives his life in a straight manner and expects the world to live the same way and here comes the disappointment. He finds most people around him opting for the wrong way. Vasudevan feels sick about people who are ready to take any path to succeed in life or for that matter, just survive.

“Evano Oruvan” begins on a note of eruption of Vasudevan’s wrath about the society and people. He is tired of his wife’s never ending demands including that of a new house. He is unhappy about the way his son wants to clear his examinations. He disagrees with the idea of waiting in the line for tanker water as he has been paying the water supply bills to the government. He protests, but in vain. Everybody around him seems to have accepted the system the way it is., Vasudevan is helpless. He is challenged by his wife about the use of his principles in life. The volcano finally erupts. Vasudevan decides to solve all the problems on his own. He looks like a man on mission, a person who has finally understood the purpose of his existence.

“Aarar Asaipadar” DVD Released

Charsur Digital Workstation released DVDs of Prasanna Ramaswamy’s “Aarar Asaipadar” (a documentary on Sri Sanjay Subrahmanyan) a couple of days back just before the start of Sri Sanjay’s concert for Jaya TV/ Maximum Media’s Margazhi Maha Utsavam. Being die-hard fans of Sanjay, my good friend and I had been following up with music stores about this for quite some time now. We rushed to grab our copies as soon as we saw Charsur staff unpack cartons containing the DVDs, while standing in the serpentine queue outside the auditorium.

The timing of the DVD release seems to be perfect. The music season has just started and rasikas from all over the world are trickling in. However, it is probably this timing that has resulted in a hurried release resulting in the DVD packs having very plain interiors with the discs themselves containing just the documentary. I would have loved it if the people behind the DVD had made it a collector’s edition by including more ‘value add’ content, especially since the film might be the first of its kind.

The DVD is priced at Rs. 500 and is supposed to be available in most music stores across Chennai.

Season Imsais – 1

The music season is in full swing here in Chennai. Here are some “imsais” from the first few days ……

  • Mrudangam artist keeps his instrument vertical and taps on the right side with the palm of his hand to lower the pitch of the instrument a little bit. A mami in the audience tells her neighbour “Paavam kallu kondu vara marandhu poyittar polarukku
  • A mami in the row before mine was sleeping soundly. Her snores became so loud during the concert that her neighbors decided to pat her to wake her up. Upon waking up, the mami promptly put her hand inside her “jolna pai”, brought out a pair of binoculars, pointed them towards the stage and exclaimed:“Oh! Krishna-vaa. Besh. Besh”
  • A member of my family told me that she wants me to take her to The Music Academy this time at least on one of the days while the season is on, that too at 1:00PM . I was too happy to oblige and then I heard the next sentence: “I heard that the food they serve in the canteen is out of the world”
  • Read this in an internet forum: In a Charulatha Mani “Isai Payanam” concert – “when she was singing ‘Autokkaran Autokkaran’ (of Sindubhairavi) from a Tami movie, music composed by Deva, one 60+ got up and shouted ‘gumukku inna gumukkuthan, achakku enna achakkuthan'”

The sabhas have their share as well. I went to a concert in a sabha that has this really huge hall and a really sloppy sound system. To increase the volume, they placed two extra speakers right in the middle of the hall. The result was that now you could hear everything twice … once from the speakers near the stage and just after a second from the speakers in the middle.
Enna kodumai 😦

More imsais will follow as and when I become their victim. Please feel free to share any kodumai that has happened to you.