Concerts in Chennai – November 2007

Schedule of Carnatic music concerts in Chennai for the month of November 2007 (and other months till January 2008) has been updated at

More concerts have been included in the December Season Schedule as well (on the same page). Will add the schedules of a few more sabhas when I get some free time in the next few days.

Please refer to this link for directions to the venues (thanks to Bharath for taking pains to put this together)

Jab We Met

I was very skeptical when my friend “O” suggested this movie. I was not sure I wanted to watch a Kareena starrer, that too a show on the first day. But we decided to take the risk the moment he said Imtiaz Ali was the director and also because I wanted some break from the crazy schedule at work … and I must say we made the right choice.

There are so many positives that make it a good movie to watch – the performance by the star cast (yes … I was surprised someone could make Kareena act so well, that too in a bubbly, cheerful, too-much-talkative role), the dialogs, the direction and the smooth flow, just to cite a few. There were some shots that brought out the situations so well, even though there were no dialogs in the background. Take for example the one where Shahid leaves his cellphone/car keys on top of his car or the one where he drops his tie on the ground. Another shot which will stay in my mind for a long time to come is the one that introduces Dara Singh 🙂

There were some obvious loopholes, but they all get overshadowed by the way the movie has been made. The music has been made using cutting-edge technology i.e, cut from many places and pasted together. Some songs have been forcefully fit and introduce unwanted breaks in the story.

Overall a very good experience and a must watch, if you love romantic movies.

Sanjay & TMK Mania

Sanjay (Subrahmanyan) & TMK (T.M.Krishna) mania continues for me unabated. The first half of September was spent immersed in TMK’s music. The latter half of the month saw Sanjay performing a string of concerts while TMK toured outside Chennai and I just went from one concert to another, merrily lapping up the high(est) quality music that was on offer. For me, listening to Sanjay and TMK perform live is like watching Federer and Nadal or Tendulkar and Dravid in top form. Each of them have their own strengths and it’s almost always a pleasure hearing them perform.

Now, here comes the problem that often surfaces during season time: Sanjay and TMK are scheduled to perform in different places this Monday at the same time 😦 . Where to go?