Venice of India?

Thats what you would probably call Bangalore if you are present in the city just after a 10 minute downpour. Even a prolonged drizzle is enough to convert the roads in the city to waterways. The consequences? Of course, traffic jams everywhere (they would be there even without the rains), but then the auto-rickshaw drivers start charging astronomical amounts. For instance, a rick driver asked us to pay Rs. 150 for a distance that would have otherwise cost us just Rs. 15. Lack of proper infrastructure is apparent. Trees start falling after a drizzle. There was a photo in the local newspapers today of a tree falling on a car parked underneath it.

Another problem that is very apparent is the use of just the local language for displaying routes/stops on buses. Why can’t the same names be written in English along with the local language? Why not when this city is supposed to be the IT capital of India?

But all said and done, the weather here is far better than most other places I have been to. Some of my friends who have been here for ages, say that the climate used to be even better some 7-8 years ago when there was a lot more green cover and lot less vehicles.

As I get more acquainted with the city day by day, I have started liking it despite all the problems. Looks like I will have to learn Kannada alphabets so that I can travel in local buses and save some money by avoiding ricks.