A day in heaven

One of the places on this planet which could qualify as heaven for employed youth is the Infy campus at Mysore. Our batch of B-School grads who joined Infy this month went to the Mysore campus for a day to participate in a session on team building and needless to say, had a lot of fun. We reached there Friday night and spent a lot of time cycling around the campus and looking with awe at the facilities and infrastructure. We also spent quite some time at the bowling alley there. The rooms at the Employee Care Center where we stayed were also well furnished and equipped with all that one would probably need apart from his/her clothes and other personal belongings during his/her stay there. For people who have stayed at the ISB Exec Housing, the rooms in the Infy campus were almost similar. There is also a cricket ground there with side screens. All in all, a great place to be working in !!! Googled out this link where you can find some snaps of the campus: http://www.flickr.com/photos/88185180@N00/

Just read sometime back that Saina Nehwal won the Philippines Open badminton tournament, thus becoming the first Indian woman ever to win a tournament of this level. Hope she continues and adds many more feathers to her cap. With tennis probably being much more of a craze than badminton among the Indian masses (have no figures to back this up), it would be interesting to watch whether she starts endorsing products like Sania Mirza soon.


ISB Alumni Meet

ISB alumni in Bangalore met over lunch on Sunday. The alumni from our batch outnumbered the alumni from all the other batches. We primarily exchanged contact information with alumni from the earlier batches and came to know a bit more about those who were present there. I think the interactions will pick up as more such meetings are organized.

News on the admissions front … this one is a bit old and may be you know about this already, but just in case there are some people who haven’t heard about this: ISB has been invited to join the board of The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) and will not from now onwards accept GRE scores for admission. GMAT scores will be the primary means and CAT scores will be accepted for provisional admission.

Venice of India?

Thats what you would probably call Bangalore if you are present in the city just after a 10 minute downpour. Even a prolonged drizzle is enough to convert the roads in the city to waterways. The consequences? Of course, traffic jams everywhere (they would be there even without the rains), but then the auto-rickshaw drivers start charging astronomical amounts. For instance, a rick driver asked us to pay Rs. 150 for a distance that would have otherwise cost us just Rs. 15. Lack of proper infrastructure is apparent. Trees start falling after a drizzle. There was a photo in the local newspapers today of a tree falling on a car parked underneath it.

Another problem that is very apparent is the use of just the local language for displaying routes/stops on buses. Why can’t the same names be written in English along with the local language? Why not when this city is supposed to be the IT capital of India?

But all said and done, the weather here is far better than most other places I have been to. Some of my friends who have been here for ages, say that the climate used to be even better some 7-8 years ago when there was a lot more green cover and lot less vehicles.

As I get more acquainted with the city day by day, I have started liking it despite all the problems. Looks like I will have to learn Kannada alphabets so that I can travel in local buses and save some money by avoiding ricks.

Found a house at last

After searching for a house for nearly everyday after office hours along with two of my batchmates, I have managed to finally find one and shift in. I will be posted in Bangalore, at least for some time to come.

The stop for the office bus is at a manageable walking distance and the buses ply frequently. Most of the buses operating in the morning on Bangalore roads seem to be Infy buses. I have heard that about 200+ buses ply one way to fetch people in the mornings at different timings. I guess the way the admin staff manages the bus operation is really commendable.

On to other things …. I have been wanting to write about my learnings/views about B-School application process, writing resume etc but have not been able to do so primarily due to lack of a stable internet connection. Having gotten the basic stuff necessary to stay in a rented house, I guess TV, internet access etc will come next and I will then try to share my learnings.

Life these days

Here is how a typical day of mine looks like these days:

5:45AM – Wake up
7:00AM – Catch the bus to office
8:30AM – Induction starts after a good breakfast. Go and SIT (Sleep In Training)
12:30PM – Time for lunch
1:30PM – Post lunch session start
5:30PM – Leave office
7:30PM – Reach home
8:30PM – Go out for dinner
10PM – Watch TV
1:00AM – Go to sleep.

The initial days of induction were somewhat boring with all the usual process related stuff being discussed. The last two days have been really interesting where we had a really good sales related training conducted.

Looking for South Indian food in B’lore?

If you are looking for some really good South Indian food in Bangalore then come over to MTR. Ramki took me and two other friends to Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (or MTR in short), a very old restaurant located near Lalbagh, just a few feet away from the Lalbagh-Fort road today for dinner. Locals know the restaurant well, but if you are not one, it might be a bit difficult to spot it. But the restaurant is so famous that most people would be able to guide you to it. The food (basically meals that cost us Rs. 80 in all) was simply awesome, probably one of the best South Indian stuff I have had in a long time.

Some observations

* The number of ants in the office campus seems to be much less than the number of employees πŸ™‚
* The time taken to return from office is more than the time taken for a class at ISB to finish (2 hrs+)
* The number of one-way roads in Bangalore will probably be more than that in any other city I have visited. But for these one-way roads, traffic at many places here would not be moving even at the snail’s pace at which it does now
* The amount of smoke that you inhale here by stepping out on a busy road for 10 seconds would be more than the amount you would inhale in ISB and the area around it in probably 10 years (if it remains at the condition at which it is in now)