Its all over !!!!!

Yessssssss …. I am through with all my exams and have completed all acads related requirements here. So god willing and profs and academic services office permitting, I should graduate next week. So what am I doing right now …. relaxing, writing this blog entry and exploring the Yahoo Mail Beta that has come out with this new outlook kind of look. I feel it is much better than the older interface.

I was thinking yesterday night about all the people who have made a difference to my life, if you could term it that way. Here are the names that came up immediately (apart from immediate family):

  • Rajnish – my best friend who has always been there by my side. He was the one responsible for my applying to ISB and consequently spending this wonderful year of my life here.
  • Shri T.R. Dhandapany – my mridangam guru. Though teaching the art of playing percussion instruments is the only means of earning livelihood for him and though he charges very modest fees, he has been kind enough to teach people who couldn’t afford even that much, for free. Whatever little I know about playing percussion instruments is primarily because of what I learnt from him.
  • Mrs. Sophy Jacob – my biology teacher at school who has been a strong influence. I can never forget how much she helped all of her students. Had it not been for fate and my not meeting the minimum age requirements for medical entrance exams, my interest in biology and the way she taught the subject would have possibly taken me on to a career in medicine.
  • ST2 gang @ ST Microelectronics (Anil, Lippika, Gurpreet, Sarika, Don, Rao & Jyoti) – These people changed my life completely (for the good). I would, in all probability, have been a different kind of a person, had I not met these people.
  • Dr. Bhuwan Agrawal – my manager at Motorola/Freescale, a very frank person from whom I have learnt a lot in life. For the four years that I worked there before coming to ISB, he has mostly assigned me work that was at the cutting edge of technology and completely new or that was the “in thing” so to say, for the company and for the semiconductor industry. I have always enjoyed working with him and would have never left my group there had it not been for the urge to do an MBA, a lot of push from Rajnish and the desire to proceed ahead in a different track altogether in life.
  • Dr. Vladimir Zolotov, Dr. Mahbub Rashed, Dr. Ertugrul Demircan & Dr. Rajendran Panda & his team – with whom I had the opportunity to work on a lot of the new stuff at Motorola/Freescale. Vladimir is probably the most intelligent and knowledgeable techie I have ever talked to. He has this knack of explaining complicated stuff in ‘a simple and easy to understand and appreciate’ kind of way.
  • The “IN” gang (mainly Ritu, Jassu, Katya Bhai, Vutu & Amitabh) – with whom I have spent probably the happiest days of my life. We used to freak out like anything.

I have to also thank my quadmates Alok, KP and Vikram and the entire Class of 2006 with whom I spent my year at ISB. Having interacted at least once with almost everyone in the batch and having interacted regularly with so many people, I am sure there are a lot of batchmates who will continue to be my (good) friends for a long time to come, if not for life.

      Last Class @ ISB

      Just came back from my last class at ISB – the last lecture of Managing Markets by Prof Nirmal Gupta. It was an awesome class, especially because of the case chosen for analysis today. It was a two page case after reading which none of us could have possibly predicted that such a detailed analysis could be done just from the data given.

      I just can’t stop raving about how good Prof Nirmal Gupta is. I just feel like becoming his disciple for ever and just keep following him wherever he goes teaching. Of course my hugely negative bank balance and responsibilities towards kith and kin (duniya ke bandhan yaar ….. aur kya) won’t allow me to do that. But one thing I would surely say to the next batch and to the batches after that, at the risk of being responsible for increasing the bid points for Prof Gupta’s courses, is that his courses are a ‘must take’ if you have interest in sales/marketing.

      I have an exam tomorrow (the same course – Managing Markets) after which I will officially complete my term 8 and whatever is required of me from the acads side. Just waiting for that moment to arrive (not for the start of the exam but for its end).

      Section D Collage

      Here is a Section D collage that I prepared along with the section video and other stuff for the section party on Monday. It contains the snaps of all guys and gals of my section (D). You can zoom in to see the individual snaps.

      Insightful CPs – Part 4

      Yes … its time for one more of the insightful ones made by our batch …. and this one happened as recently as yesterday in the international marketing class. I haven’t taken this subject but got to know about the CP at the section party yesterday. So here goes …..

      Professor shows a slide depicting a graph that shows a higher percentage of population in the age group of 15-60 yrs in China than in India.

      Student: Prof, this means that the reproducing population in China is more than that in India

      Prof (thinking): @##$#$^$%$#$%$#%

      Parties Galore

      Admissions dept threw a party on Friday for all the people who had been involved in the admissions process. Spouses were also invited. It was certainly one of the best parties we have had here at ISB, may be because the party was of a different type – it was a party cum cruise in Hussain Sagar lake, here in Hyderabad. Needless to say, we had lots and lots of fun. Booze, food and whatever else you could get in a party were all on the house and people got drunk real crazy ….. some were unable to distinguish the lake from the rest room on board 🙂 . We had lots of fun on the way back too with Rohit K a.k.a McBaba in the best of form. We pulled each others’ legs a lot through modified versions of bollywood songs with McBaba leading the way.

      The sad part however is that the Hussain Sagar lake is being maintained real bad. Many people don’t think twice before throwing rubbish into the water and one can feel the stench when standing near the water.

      We had a batch party on Saturday with Warikoo a.k.a DJ199 in full swing. Then we had a party yesterday at Barney‘s apartment and had some real good fun. Today we had the section D party … and this one was after a looooooooong loooooooooong time.

      Term 8 for me officially ends this Friday when I should be done with the Managing Markets exam. There are some people who are through with their ISB acads today itself. Lucky guys 😦

      Will post some snaps from the parties later.

      Professor of the Year – Elective Terms

      Prof Nirmal Gupta (Marketing) has been voted by our batch as the “Professor of the Year – Elective Terms”. Earlier, our batch had voted Prof. Krishna Kumar (Macroeconomics) as the “Professor of the Year – Core Terms”.

      As I have written before, Prof. Nirmal Gupta is the professor I have liked the most here. The way he teaches marketing is just phenomenal. He has taught us two courses in the elective terms – Marketing Implementation in Term 5 and Managing Markets in Term 8. I must say that all people in the next batch who are planning to major in marketing should take these two courses. I think the next batch is really lucky to have him do a session during their orientation on learning through case studies. He had done this for our batch very late in the year and we had requested him to do this before Term 1 starts for the next batch. If you are joining ISB Class of 2007 and you are reading this post, then mark this – attend his case study lecture, pay full attention and take adequate notes. All things may not make sense right on the day you hear them, but as you go through the year and solve cases, you will be able to appreciate the stuff more and more.

      One of the key benefits to me of coming to ISB has been getting the opportunity to learn from some really good professors like Prof Gupta. For example, the professors for the subjects I have taken in Term 8 – Profs Cathy Tinsley & Stephen Nason (Negotiations Analysis), Prof Francesca Cornelli (Advanced Corporate Finance) and of course Prof Nirmal Gupta (Managing Markets), have all been real good. These professors have also been making some very serious effort to take feedback on the courses from the students and incorporate it in their future lectures or for the next time they will be teaching the course. For instance, Prof Stephen Nason was standing outside the examination hall yesterday and talked to some of us after the negotiation analysis exam about the cases we discussed in class to find out what cases were really helpful and to get feedback about how he can make the course even better. It is really good to see even profs with a lot of teaching experience behind them do this (apart from the feedback that ISB collects from us for the courses).

      The Year @ ISB – Part 5

      dUnKiNg GlOrY

      There was a dunking competition between the sections organized close to midnight. A poll had been done earlier in the batch to crown the dunking dude and dudette of our batch and they were dunked too. Here are snaps from the event ….. all these snaps come courtesy “Vickie – The Clickie”, our batch’s most enthusiastic photographer. He and his camera are inseparable.

      Dunking Dude & Dudette of the batch

      “Arey .. yeh kahan fenk diya logon ne mujhe”

      Spin of the year

      “Paani bahut thanda hai bhai”

      Section C team in the team dunking event

      “Aaja beta …. tu bhi aaja”

      Insightful CPs – Part 3

      This one could go on to become a strong candidate for the CP (class participation) of the year …. well, as told to me, this happened in the Behavioral Finance class today (technically yesterday, since its around 1:45AM now) …..

      Professor: “….. and research shows that married women have lesser number of kids than married men …”
      Student: “Excuse me professor, but I thought a kid only happens to a married man and a (married) woman”

      🙂 🙂 🙂

      The Year @ ISB – Part 1

      The year @ ISB is almost getting over for our batch. I have spent some of the most wonderful moments of my life here and have thoroughly enjoyed being here. Here are a few snaps of our batch to recount the wonderful experience (with due credits to my batchmates who took these snaps) …….

      Time for a family to go to school

      Bas beta .. thodi der aur.. mera assignment poora ho jaayegaWow … dad has gone to school … and I am FREEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!


      Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” for an ISBian

      Concerts @ Hyderabad

      This one is for music lovers @ Hyderabad. South Indian Cultural Association (SICA) is organizing its annual festival of music and dance from 15 to 22 March, 2006, daily at 6.30 pm. The venue is Telugu Lalitha Kala Thoranam open-air auditorium, Public Gardens, Hyderabad.

      The concert schedule is as follows:

      15 Mar 2006 (Wed): Bombay Jayashri Ramnath (Vocal)
      16 Mar 2006 (Thu): Urmila Satyanarayana (Bharathanatyam)
      17 Mar 2006 (Fri): Malladi Brothers (Vocal Duet)
      18 Mar 2006 (Sat): Kadri Gopalanath (Saxophone)
      19 Mar 2006 (Sun): Shoba Naidu & party (Kuchipudi dance ballet ‘Vipranarayana’ )
      20 Mar 2006 (Mon): Priya Sisters (Vocal duet)
      21 Mar 2006 (Tue): Madurai T.N.Seshagopalan (vocal)
      22 Mar 2006 (Wed): Sriram Parasuram and Anuradha Sriram (Hindusthani-Carnatic Jugalbandi)

      I want to attend the concert of Madurai T.N.Seshagopalan, my all time favorite singer, but the schedule of classes here is playing spoilsport. Trying to work things out.

      Trivandrum Smt. Jayashri Shankar, who is the wife of a batchmate of mine here and a resident spouse at ISB is giving a vocal concert on Saturday, March 25th from 6 to 8 pm. The concert is organized by Kalasagaram, Hyderabad at Plot 59, Krishnapuri Colony, West Marredpally, Near Government Music College, Hyderabad. Admission is free.