Term 8 begins

Term 8 started today. I have to take 3 subjects this term. Have got 3 and am waitlisted in 1. So would have to choose 3 out of those 4 after sampling the classes today and tomorrow.

I had just one class to attend today – “Leadership Lessons from World Literature” by Prof. Rajeshwar Upadhyaya. As written by the professor in the introductory part of the course material, “To use some of the best-written books to cull out the meaning of leadership and our roles as professionals, is an overarching objective of this course”. I had chosen this course because I had been influenced quite a bit by Prof. Upadhyaya when he took the Leadership Development Program for us earlier in the core terms. He is a really good speaker. There were moments in today’s class when there was a pause for a few seconds between two lines that he spoke and I could actually hear the wall-clock ticking (I think it was the wall clock 🙂 ) as there was pin-drop silence then. People were listening intently to whatever he was saying. He is one professor to watch out for when you come to ISB. There is a very high chance that you will like him.

I have three classes to sample tomorrow which means that its going to be a really long day.

Just a little more than a month to go before my ISB stint comes to an end 😦

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5 thoughts on “Term 8 begins

  1. Anonymous says:

    Agree that he’s a great speaker… but the takeaways from the first class were below par… “for example one of the statements that kept getting repeated were “You take the thesis and the anti-thesis and you get the synthesis” -someone smartly added to it … you shed some light on it and its photo-synthesis. :-).
    ofcourse the one major takeaway was that the underpinnings of the Ramayana was based on “Lust”. so where’s the leadership lesson there?

  2. jasmine says:

    Hi Ram. Ur posts have always been insightful overall-reg the student life at ISB i/e the classes, the activites etc i like reading them…but i hope u cotinue writing even post ISB. gdluck!

    any luck on the job front yet?

  3. Ram says:

    Yes, almost. I have an offer and today is the deadline for deciding whether I want to take it up or not. I will be taking it up in all probability.

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