Last class of Term 6

Term 6 is over but for the exams and the submissions. Just two more terms to go before I graduate. Time just flies past.

The subjects I had taken this term were Consumer Focused Product Development, Cause Marketing, Global Operations Management and Outsourcing & IT Based Businesses. The one professor I would like to mention about is Prof George Geis who took the outsourcing course for us. Among the IT professors who have come and taught here till now, he is definitely the best. The way he handled a subject like outsourcing is commendable.

Mittal Steel came for a pre-placement talk last week. The application process for companies has started. Preparations for placements have intensified. The consulting club has started “perspective building” sessions which are essentially internal speaker sessions where a student who has worked in the industry or the area in focus for the day will share his knowledge and thoughts with others. We have already had two good sessions. Two more are planned today.

We had a Section D reunion party yesterday on campus. Felt great to see good old folks after such a long time. We had lit a bonfire and played antakshari over pakodas, gulab jamun & cutting (mumbai wali chai) for quite sometime before thoughts of assignments to be submitted today played spoilsport. Hope we have as many of these reunions as possible before we go from this place.


Sleep – Where art thou?

Yesterday was the first time in the past one week when I had been able to sleep for about 3 hours in a day. I could only manage a total of about 6 hours of sleep in the 4 days before that put together, courtesy assignments and ELP. Gone are those days during the first few terms when I could manage to doze of for at least a healthy 6-7 hours per day whatever be the workload. The 5th and the 6th terms have been really demanding.

This is the last week of classes in the 6th term. Of the subjects I took, one has a written final exam next week and all others have submissions in other forms (projects, paper etc).

Initial round of bidding for term 7 is already over. Have got 4 of the 5 courses I had opted for. Planning to finally take 3. I am indifferent between the 4 courses; so which 3 I finally pick up will depend on the outcome of the first lecture of each course that I intend to sample.

GMAT score submission deadline extended for ISB R2

GMAT score submission deadline has been extended for this year’s round two applicants. The last date of application remains the same as before – January 7,2006 but applicants may send in their GMAT scores by January 15, 2006.Please read on for more details …..

There is a substantial growth noticed in the number of GMAT takers outside US, which is coming from countries like India and for the schools like the Indian School of Business. “Through Oct. 31, total GMAT volume is up 3%, but only 0.2% in the U.S. v/s 9.3% outside US” – quoted by GMAC in BusinessWeek.

V K Menon, Director – Admissions, at the ISB said,” The concept of the One Year programme in management, experienced student profile and the international faculty pool has been very well accepted by MBA aspirants in India. This has resulted in the sheer size of applicant pool for the ISB increasing by 80% in cycle-1. We are getting repeated requests to extend the application deadline for cycle-2 which is January 7, 2006, because of the unavailability of the GMAT dates.”

“Many of our students have had to push their test dates for GMAT because of non availability of slots. It is very unfortunate that we do not have enough centers to cater to the growing needs of the GMAT,” said Nidhi Khaitan Modi, Managing Partner, The Princeton Review-India.

Looking into the scenario the ISB will accept the GMAT scores till January 15, 2006. The last date of application remains the same as before – January 7, 2006 but applicants may send in their GMAT scores alone by January 15, 2006. This is also an opportunity for exceptional candidates with CAT (2002 onwards) scores to apply to the ISB. If they meet the combined admissions criteria, a provisional offer maybe made, subject to their taking the GMAT before March 10, 2006 and obtaining a minimum score of 680.

KP’s birthday

Today is my quadmate KP’s birthday. Keeping with the tradition, he was dunked in the campus swimming pool at 12 midnight. His week long excuses of having a bad throat, slight fever, headache etc couldn’t save him from landing in the pool. Here are a few snaps ……

The “swinging” before the “dunking”

Dunked !
The Birthday Cake
Cake Smearing (L to R: My quadmates Alok, KP and Vikram)

More on the music season

Jaya TV organizes music concerts under the banner of “Margazhi Maha Utsavam” every year during the December Music Season in Chennai. These concerts are then broadcast on Jaya TV from Monday to Saturday, 6PM to 7PM and then a portion of each days broadcast is replayed again the next day morning from 6:30AM to 7AM. This year’s broadcasts started on 14th Dec 2005 and are expected to go till 4th Jan 2006. Watched Sikkil Sisters’ flute concert today. Vocal concert by P. Unnikrishnan is scheduled tomorrow. Will not be able to hear it as I have classes at that time. Will try to catch up with the repeat broadcast in the morning.

A program called “Sangeeta Sangamam” comes almost daily on Vijay TV from 6PM to 6:30PM. Also came to know that recordings of the Chembai Music Festival held at Guruvayur Temple, Kerala can be viewed every morning from 6:00AM to 6:30AM on the DD Malayalam channel.

Lakshman Sruthi is organizing a five day musical festival called “Thiruvaiyaaru in Chennai” from the 21st to 25th Dec 2005. To know more details, please click here.

Music Academy season schedule can be accessed by clicking here.

Songlists from some of the season concerts are available here.

Missing this year’s season concerts a lot. Hearing once favorite artistes perform live is an experience quite different from hearing a recording of their performance. Will try to be there in Chennai for next year’s season if all goes well.

60 days to placements

Its been a while since I posted. Life has been real busy with assignments, Poseidon and ELP occupying all the time. Enjoyed participating in the Poseidon music competition. Though our ISB team didn’t win, I am satisfied with the effort we put in given the limited time (2 days) we had for practice.

The latest from campus is that placement time is fast approaching and almost everybody has started preparing hard for the same. Just came back from a talk by Pramath Sinha, Principal, McKinsey & Co on how to prepare for interviews. Though most of what he talked was already known, his talk served as a reminder that there is not much time left for the start of the placement season and that a lot of stuff needs to be done. Have to start preparing for placements earnestly. But for now, back to the ELP (project) work …..


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