Life is too hectic

Life has suddenly become too hectic. End-term exams are staring me in the face. There is a lot to study because of the heavy backlog I accumulated. We have classes this entire week too and then exams next monday.

Assignments continue to take a heavy toll. Most of my time this weekend has again been spent on assignments. Classes take out a big chunk of the day’s time. I usually go to bed early (not beyond 11PM generally) and hence am real short of time. Would have to somehow make myself stretch into the night and fight sleep off. My eyelids start closing by themselves, around 11PM.

There are around 91 students here who have come with their families. Despite the really tough schedule and the need to take some time out daily for their family, they have been doing pretty well till now in terms of studying what is taught and what is going to be taught (in the next class). I really admire these people.


Its cricket this weekend

After basketball, football and volleyball, its cricket’s turn this weekend. The first of the two indoor mini test matches today was won by Section B (against Section A). The match between my section (D) and Section C is going to start in a few minutes.

A new Tamil movie (Sachin) was screened at one of the student villages yesterday night. The amazing part is that there are lot of guys who do not know Tamil but still come to watch the movies. We all had real fun.

Results for the post of Vice-Presidents of the different student councils were declared today. The new VP of the Academic Affairs Council was dunked within 30 minutes of the announcement of results.

Term 1 exams are getting closer. There is a lot to study. Wish me luck !!! I need lots of it to get through.

I got dunked !!!

I got dunked in the pool today ( @ 12:05AM) …. no it was not my birthday. I went in on popular demand. Everyone standing there either got dunked or went in by himself.

We have a photo session tomorrow for the recruiter’s handbook. Have to wear business suit and neck tie.

Feeling real sleepy … this is the third straight day I am up, awake after 2AM. Credit goes to assignments and dunking. Our study group finally managed to submit the marketing case study at 4:30AM yesterday, a clear 3.5 hours ahead of the deadline.

Sleepless in Hyderabad

Slept at 4:30AM today morning after discussing a marketing case study with my group. This is the longest I have stretched into the night (or should I say early morning) after coming to ISB. Looks like there are many more sleepless nights in store for me. One of my study-group-mates had her birthday yesterday and we dunked her at 4AM after the case study discussion.

There was a lot of similarity between the managerial economics and marketing management classes yesterday. A lot of stuff that we learnt in economics was being applied while making decisions in marketing. Further, during the course of a discussion on game theory in yesterday’s economics class, a student said “player A will annihilate player B”. The economics prof kept pulling his leg on his annihilation strategy throughout the class. Then in the next class, the marketing prof told us in the middle of a discussion on product pricing strategies not to use strong terms like destroy competition etc. Immediately the entire class burst out laughing recalling the incident during the economics lecture and the prof was brainy enough to find out that someone in the class had used such words before in some other class.

We have to submit the case study tomorrow morning. There is a lot of work left. Looks like we will have to again stretch into the wee hours of the morning tomorrow. Feeling really sleepy ……….

zzzzz ……