Life is too hectic

Life has suddenly become too hectic. End-term exams are staring me in the face. There is a lot to study because of the heavy backlog I accumulated. We have classes this entire week too and then exams next monday.

Assignments continue to take a heavy toll. Most of my time this weekend has again been spent on assignments. Classes take out a big chunk of the day’s time. I usually go to bed early (not beyond 11PM generally) and hence am real short of time. Would have to somehow make myself stretch into the night and fight sleep off. My eyelids start closing by themselves, around 11PM.

There are around 91 students here who have come with their families. Despite the really tough schedule and the need to take some time out daily for their family, they have been doing pretty well till now in terms of studying what is taught and what is going to be taught (in the next class). I really admire these people.

Its cricket this weekend

After basketball, football and volleyball, its cricket’s turn this weekend. The first of the two indoor mini test matches today was won by Section B (against Section A). The match between my section (D) and Section C is going to start in a few minutes.

A new Tamil movie (Sachin) was screened at one of the student villages yesterday night. The amazing part is that there are lot of guys who do not know Tamil but still come to watch the movies. We all had real fun.

Results for the post of Vice-Presidents of the different student councils were declared today. The new VP of the Academic Affairs Council was dunked within 30 minutes of the announcement of results.

Term 1 exams are getting closer. There is a lot to study. Wish me luck !!! I need lots of it to get through.

I got dunked !!!

I got dunked in the pool today ( @ 12:05AM) …. no it was not my birthday. I went in on popular demand. Everyone standing there either got dunked or went in by himself.

We have a photo session tomorrow for the recruiter’s handbook. Have to wear business suit and neck tie.

Feeling real sleepy … this is the third straight day I am up, awake after 2AM. Credit goes to assignments and dunking. Our study group finally managed to submit the marketing case study at 4:30AM yesterday, a clear 3.5 hours ahead of the deadline.

Sleepless in Hyderabad

Slept at 4:30AM today morning after discussing a marketing case study with my group. This is the longest I have stretched into the night (or should I say early morning) after coming to ISB. Looks like there are many more sleepless nights in store for me. One of my study-group-mates had her birthday yesterday and we dunked her at 4AM after the case study discussion.

There was a lot of similarity between the managerial economics and marketing management classes yesterday. A lot of stuff that we learnt in economics was being applied while making decisions in marketing. Further, during the course of a discussion on game theory in yesterday’s economics class, a student said “player A will annihilate player B”. The economics prof kept pulling his leg on his annihilation strategy throughout the class. Then in the next class, the marketing prof told us in the middle of a discussion on product pricing strategies not to use strong terms like destroy competition etc. Immediately the entire class burst out laughing recalling the incident during the economics lecture and the prof was brainy enough to find out that someone in the class had used such words before in some other class.

We have to submit the case study tomorrow morning. There is a lot of work left. Looks like we will have to again stretch into the wee hours of the morning tomorrow. Feeling really sleepy ……….

zzzzz ……

Yet another busy weekend

This is another busy weekend .. an economics assignment, a marketing case study and a lengthy accountancy assignment. Luckily we don’t have to submit the accountancy assignment on Monday.

The GSB president (about whose election I mentioned in the previous mail) got dunked yesterday. I wasn’t there at that time around the pool. Heard that there were around 30-40 guys who either got dunked or voluntarily dunked themselves into the pool along with him.

We also dunked Amit yesterday night …. yes you guessed right !! He is the guy who gets dunked on birthdays of most people in the campus. Yesterday he got dunked on his own birthday, 3 times in my presence just past midnight and then (as heard from other sources) about 5-6 times at 1AM in the morning. We also cut a cake. Will try to post a few photographs if all goes well.

We have a new president !!!

Election for the post of President, Graduate Students’ Body was held yesterday and the results came in just now. Happy to see that the candidate I voted for won. Kind of always happens that whatever I study doesn’t come in the exam but whoever I vote for wins the elections !!!

First exam @ ISB

Came back just now after giving my first exam at ISB – the statistics mid-term. Will come to know how (bad) it went when I get my grades/marks …. till then “no comments”. There were many sleep-deprived individuals whom I met after the exam. I am happy that I had a good night’s sleep yesterday (despite not having completed many things relevant to the exam). Will have to try my level best to stay awake late nights and study ….. keep trying without success and cannot keep my eyes open after about 11 – 11:30PM, unless I am chatting with friends or roaming around aimlessly.

Prof Waterman took over from where Prof Stine had left and took his first class of statistics yesterday. He is a “no non-sense” type of guy … very punctual, sticks to the subject, no jokes …. teaches really well. As is the case with the marketing profs, Prof Waterman also has a style very different from his predecessor.

Some of us are thinking of going to Hyderabad today … don’t know if the plan would materialize though.


(An “outlier” is a statistical term which refers to an observation that deviates so much from the other observations in a distribution of data ……. )

Marks/grade obtained by my study group in the first marketing case study – a perfect example of an “outlier”. Our marks are so different from the rest of the study groups here. It seems we have broken all records . We seem to have been left behind by almost all the groups in our batch !!! Feeling sad and disappointed 😦

There is a statistics exam this Friday and I am at least happy that I now know what an outlier is (from practical experience).

Moving on ….. Prof. Asim Ansari will teach us the rest of the marketing course for the first term and we had our first class with him today. He takes over the reins from Prof. Scott Ward. I found a lot of differences in their teaching styles. Prof Ward had a style of his own which is difficult to describe. He would take up case studies to illustrate the concepts and it was a different kind of learning experience.

Two words I would associate with Prof Ansari based on the first class he took for us today would be “subtle humor“. As a part of the exercises we did in class today, we had a questionnaire (for something called conjoint analysis) where we had to imagine that we were in the market for relationships. We had to rank “prospective candidates” with whom we would like to bond based on certain criteria. It was really interesting to hear the doubts some people had and the clarifications the professor gave for the same.

Bid(ding) adieu

Before you start drawing conclusions from the title …. no …. no ….. I am not going anywhere. Two of the profs who taught us this term – Prof. Scott Ward and Prof. Robert Stine (both from Wharton) are leaving. They taught us half of their courses and the other halves would be taught by two other profs.

We had a small farewell party for the profs yesterday in one of the student villages. Had great fun. These profs are really humorous and they taught us superbly. I have already written about Prof Scott Ward in one of my previous posts. Prof Stine taught us statistics in such a way that we thoroughly enjoyed the subject. In my humble opinion, when you teach statistics, it is really difficult to make the entire class feel interested and listen to you for a full 2 hours without getting bored, especially when students are from really diverse backgrounds and many may not even have read statistics earlier. Prof Stine truly succeeded in this regard.

It really saddens us that they are leaving and makes us think whether we will be able to get such teachers for the rest of the courses. But then every single prof who comes here is really great !!! Thats what we heard from our alums and thats what we feel when we see the faculty line-up for the rest of the core terms. They are probably the best you can learn from. For example, I feel probably no one else would be able to teach us “Marketing” better than Prof. Scott Ward and then I see that there is Prof. Jagmohan Raju coming here next term. prof Raju is supposed to be an excellent teacher too. Both of them are “marketing gurus“.

ISB Faculty

There was a question about the ISB faculty in the isb-pgp yahoo group today. My response was: “Faculty here are probably the best you can get in the world. Many of them come from Wharton, Kellogg, LBS etc and sitting at one place you get the best in the concerned subjects to come and teach you. We, the current students, are clearly seeing this advantage in our first Term here. ISB’s visiting faculty are just too good. They stay for the entire duration of the course they teach and are very accessible.”

To know more about the faculty here, please click here . This page, I think, gives a detailed list of faculty that taught the last batch. There are some more from Wharton and Kellogg that are teaching us this term and they are not there in the list.

On to other news …. there was a volleyball match here yesterday and Section B defeated Section A. I think the scoreline was 21-19, 21-14.

This week is supposed to be a tough one with one of the mid-term exams on Friday and lots of assignments over the coming weekend.

Chandramukhi and assignments

Rajnikanth’s latest tamil movie “Chandramukhi” was screened (by a student) here in one of the student villages yesterday night. About 15-20 enthu people, including me, turned up to watch the movie. There were supposed to be many more in the audience but I think the upcoming statistics mid-term exam and the assignments to be submitted tomorrow kept them away. The good part about most of Rajnikanth’s movies is that you can enjoy them whether you understand Tamil or not 😉 . We had a really great time and, as always, enjoyed the stunts, the dance sequences and the english dialogues spoken by the Tamil superstar. The junta went hysterical at one of his dialogues in which he mentioned the word “psychosis” in his usual accent. Long live Rajnikanth !!!

The whole student community is either busy doing assignments or reading statistics. There is a mid-term exam this Friday. I haven’t started reading Statistics yet and have a lot of work to be done. I think the whole of today will be spent in completing the economics assignment and the marketing case study. Was planning to go to the city today in the evening but looks like I will have to drop the plan considering the crisis situation I am in, w.r.t studies.

Football match ends in a draw

The football match between Sections C & D ended in a 1-1 draw 😦 . Section B beat section A 5-1 in another match. Most of the players got dunked after the matches got over, as a token of appreciation for the efforts they put in.

There is a volleyball match on Sunday between Sections A & B.