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It’s 4AM and it’s been more than 3 hours now since I started to listen to Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan (BGAK) today. Time has just flown past and I am forced to wind up only with thought of catching some sleep before I leave for office in another 2.5 hours. Such has been the […]

My alma mater, Indian School of Business (ISB), has been ranked 15th in the latest annual ranking of B-Schools worldwide by Financial Times (click here for details). As our dean put it, “To be so young and to achieve such heights is no ordinary feat”. What ISB has achieved in just a few years since […]

The Golden Globe Awards and the Oscar nominations would certainly pull crowds to this well thought out and well made movie. Though the movie has many positives, I would love to watch it again just for the way the kids have gone about doing their roles. Just brilliant stuff! Young Jamal and Salim’s expressions in […]

The following are excerpts from a very informative lec dem on the above topic given by Dr. Nirmala Sundararajan and Dr. Subhashini Parthasarathy on 23rd Dec 2008 at Tattavaloka Auditorium, Eldams Road, Teynampet, Chennai under the aegis of Carnatica. I have taken the liberty to organize my notes from the lec dem under my own […]

This has been one satisfying musical evening. Started with Hindustani Classical music of Kishori Amonkar and Malini Rajurkar. Then got an opportunity to listen to the audio of ‘Delhi 6′ inbetween office calls and just got bowled over by it.  A.R.Rahman has composed some unbelievable stuff.  Swept me off my feet instantly just like some of […]

Played mrudangam on 6th Jan 2009 for Prashant Prasad’s vocal recital at Swamy’s Hall, R.K. Mutt Road, Mandaveli, Chennai.  The concert was organized by Sriranjani Trust.    Artists: Vocal:  Prashant Prasad  Violin:  C.S. Anuroop Mrudangam:  R. Ramkumar   List of songs: 1) karuNimpa (varnam) – sahAnA – Adi – tiruvOtriyUr tyAgayyA (AS) 2) danyuDevvaDo – malayamArutam – Adi […]

Happy New Year!


Wishing all readers of this blog a Happy New Year and great times ahead! Ushered in new year hearing Sri Umayalpuram Sivaraman perform live and heard him give a breathtaking performance again on the morning of the 1st. Couldn’t have asked for a better end to 2008 and a better start to 2009.


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