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Rock On


“Live your dream” shouts Rock On and everything about it rocks! Cinematography is top class. The songs and BGM are just fantastic and fit in the movie so well. Direction is too good … how many directors can manage to make such a brilliant movie with a story line that even a kid with a […]

I am not sure if only I feel this way but almost every favorite artist of mine seems to give his/her best performance in venues that are not very famous and that many a times have just a handful of people attending. For example, some of the best concerts of TNS, Sanjay and TMK that […]

There have been some very good Indian movies in the recent past that have tried to explore topics other than the run-of-the-mill ones. One of the directors who has had the courage to attempt such movies and according to me has been very successful in his attempts is Nishikant Kamath. Nishikant’s last movie Evano Oruvan […]

Played mrudangam today for the violin duet of Sudha R.S. Iyer and Srividya R.S. Iyer at Raga Sudha Hall, Mylapore, Chennai. The concert was a part of Isai Velvi 2008 being organized by (Ghatam) Sri V. Suresh’s International Society for Laya Awareness. The song list is as follows: 1) sarasUDa (varnam) – sAvEri – Adi […]

Please find below the information received from Carnatica about the fest: =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Carnatica Archival Centre for Music & Dance presents a two-day festival dedicated to the great composer Shri. Shyama Sastri. The event is designed as an exposition of the life and times of this vaggeyakara, to gain insight into the lyrical beauty of his […]



Matrka & YACM organized a 6 day event from 5th Aug to 10 Aug 2008 aptly titled “Svanubhava“. The event comprised many educative sessions like lecture demonstrations, listening sessions, Q&A with artists and concerts and saw many music students including those from Kalakshetra, Govt Music College and the Music Academy participate. As confessed by many […]



Behind the scenes of the movie =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The director shouts. The cameraman turns to his left from where he is currently focusing to capture the most important scene of the movie. It is the scene where the towering personality of Kollywood enters the movie. A personality larger than life and one that is so difficult […]


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