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There are quite a few Carnatic singers whose music I love to listen to. But if there is one Carnatic singer who has inspired me the most and has never ceased to amaze me with his vidwath, it is Sri T.N. Seshagopalan (TNS) I had not been able to attend most of his concerts this […]

Just brilliant. No two words about it. There are so many things to keep raving about. For the moment, I am happily lost in A.R. Rahman’s music, syncing it up with the video and admiring all the nuances that I can currently comprehend.

The mother-daughter duo of Dr. Nirmala Sundararajan and Dr. Subhashini Parthasarathy gave a very informative lec dem on Tamil padams on the morning of 31st Dec 2007 as a part of Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha’s music festival. Dr Subhashini began the session by reading out the write up they had prepared and then the duo […]


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