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I was greeted by some very exciting news when I woke up this morning. Indian School of Business (ISB), my alma mater, has been ranked 20th in the latest Financial Times global ranking of full-time MBA programs. Three things make this a very significant achievement: This is the first time a business school from India […]

Two hours of vintage Sanjay Subrahmanyan, live and a few hours of A.R. Rahman ….¬† I probably couldn’t have asked for anything better after wrapping up office work today. I had missed quite a few Sanjay concerts this season and was eagerly waiting for today’s fare. What made it all the more special was the […]

This is what can be seen on news channels after India’s win over Australia: Aaj Tak: Buraayi par acchayi ki jeet (Is this ramleela?) Sahara Samay: Sab bacche RP bhaiyya ki tarah banna chaahte hain NDTV 24×7: This story will be part of folklore. Young kids will be told about how India won at Perth. […]

Part 1 of this post can be found here … cont. from Part 1 Sri Thyagaraja: Sri Thyagaraja wrote his first composition on the wall of his house. He is said to have been only about 13 years of age then He composed a lot of songs in bhajana sampradAyam while singing during unchavritti, where […]

Veteran vainika Vid Vidya Shankar gave a very informative lec dem on the Carnatic Music Trinity under the auspices of Naada Inbam at Raga Sudha Hall, Mylapore, Chennai on 14th Jan 2008. She was ably assisted by her disciples who played the veena and sang the songs and by Vid B. Sivaraman who played the […]

There were quite a few interesting lec dems organized during this music season. As luck would have it, I couldn’t attend many due to the clash with my office schedule. I intend to post the gist of the few that I was fortunate to attend in the next few weeks.

Bhajji Talk


The whole country seems to be discussing ICC’s ruling on the allegations against Bhajji. If the buzz in Bangalore is to be believed, Bhajji seems to have testified to the ICC officials: “Maine toh Symonds ko bola¬†teri maa ki aur usne samajh liya monkey” ;-)


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