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This is certainly one of the best movies I have watched in the recent times. A brilliant directorial debut by the very talented Aamir Khan, the movie is centered around a 8 year old dyslexic boy Ishaan Awasthi, played by Darsheel Safary. You would have to see the movie to realize what a great job […]

Some more imsais from last week’s concerts: The mami sitting next to me at a concert talks to some kin of hers back home: “Ennadi .. Anandham poyindirukka …. seri seri … apparam vandhu kadhai kettukkaren. Kolangal ku munnadi vandhuruven … seriya … phone-a vekkaren” (For the uninitiated, Anandham and Kolangal are TV serials running […]

Evano Oruvan


There have been quite some movies in the past that have made me feel helpless and sometimes even question my very existence. But if there is one movie that has impacted me the most and literally made me cry, it is Nishikanth Kamath’s “Evano Oruvan”. Many hours have passed since I finished watching it but […]

Charsur Digital Workstation released DVDs of Prasanna Ramaswamy’s “Aarar Asaipadar” (a documentary on Sri Sanjay Subrahmanyan) a couple of days back just before the start of Sri Sanjay’s concert for Jaya TV/ Maximum Media’s Margazhi Maha Utsavam. Being die-hard fans of Sanjay, my good friend and I had been following up with music stores about […]

The music season is in full swing here in Chennai. Here are some “imsais” from the first few days …… Mrudangam artist keeps his instrument vertical and taps on the right side with the palm of his hand to lower the pitch of the instrument a little bit. A mami in the audience tells her […]


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