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Here is a solution to the infrastructure problems of this country from who else but our very own Superstar (Rajnikanth). See how he lays roads wherever he goes in this trailer of his eagerly awaited movie “Sivaji”. I must thank my friend ‘Captain’ (no .. no … not that one) for pointing this out. Wonder […]

  Its been ages since I saw last a good Bollywood movie. I went to “Cheeni Kum” with very low expectations as the movie had a bold story line and as it came after Nishabd which was such a @#@$#$ ….. … well …. lets move on to better things in life. I think Cheeni […]

Venue: Kasturi Srinivasan Hall, Music Academy, TTK Road, Chennai Date: 26 May 2007 Organizer: HCL & Music Academy (HCL Concert Series) Vocal: Vid S. Malavika Violin: Vid Akkarai Swarnalatha Mrudangam: Vid Trivandrum Hariharan List of songs: 1) vanajAkshi (varnam) – kalyANi – kanDa aTa – pallavi gOpAla iyer (O) 2) tatvamariya taramA – rItigowLa – […]

Captain mania continues: … does heart (?) surgery using mobile phones !! … the statistician !! Importance of Captain’s “soo” highlighted !! … bullet takes U-turn upon hitting Captain !!

Captain, one of the greatest stars of World Cinema, for your viewing pleasure: Lights cigarette with his blood; sends villains flying by touching his moustache Gives some work to his arms and legs too Gives shock to electricity itself Types in Windows Media Player !!! Eats, drinks and breathes teamwork !!!!!

Indian superheroes for your viewing pleasure: Superman & Spiderwoman together. Spiderwoman even flies by herself: Superman in action: A Superman-like superhero performing cosmic dance (comes with English subtitles so that one can understand the technicalities ;-) ):

Chennai 600028


Picture this …. you are watching a movie from DVD on your color TV (1989 make) at home with your family and friends, with the digital sound trying to come out from the TV’s speakers. You are sitting on the floor, having sugary, watery lemonade to beat the summer heat and some half-roasted popcorn to […]


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