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I had ordered an external hard disk from a Hyderabad dealer just a few days before the orientation week for the new batch came to an end. This is how the initial part of the conversation with the guy (HDDwala) who came to deliver the hard disk went (just imagine that guy speak Hindi Hyderabadi […]

A group of students from our batch (including me) went for an outbound activity at the beginning of last week to Greenfields, located at the outskirts of Hyderabad, near the Usman Sagar lake. We had two full days of fun, fun and just fun. We played a lot of games, learnt and/or reinforced our learnings […]

Sample gyaan


Here is a sample gyaan given by one of my batchmates during orientation: “Your mobile phones should be switched off when you come to class. Else you can use your vibrators” :-) :-) Most activities planned for the orientation week have been completed. Some of us left yesterday to go back to our homes. Many […]

This is how a typical alumnus, if you could think of one, would spend his day at ISB during the orientation week: 9:30AM – Get up wondering if it is already past 10AM and if breakfast would have already been over (Sarovar closes breakfast session at 10AM). Happy that it is not 10AM yet. Make […]

Its orientation time for the new batch here at ISB. Till now they have been tortured with all the official presentations and they are spending most of their day in the auditorium here. We had the treasure hunt and some of the student club presentations today. The presentation of the day was by ‘Bhakti Club’ […]

Back at ISB


Yaahoooooooooooooooo ….. I am back at ISB. Had a wonderful view of the campus at night from the sky just before landing at Hyderabad ….. could clearly see the main building, the SVs, the road to the main gate, the campuses adjacent to ISB etc. The ISB swimming pool was shining. In case you are […]

I m home


Imhome. Reached here yesterday afternoon and since then have been sleeping and eating home made food for most of the time. Spent the day watching India get thrashed by England in cricket. Got a call from KP yesterday just a few minutes after I arrived here and it felt really nice to talk to him. […]


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