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Yessssssss …. I am through with all my exams and have completed all acads related requirements here. So god willing and profs and academic services office permitting, I should graduate next week. So what am I doing right now …. relaxing, writing this blog entry and exploring the Yahoo Mail Beta that has come out […]

Just came back from my last class at ISB – the last lecture of Managing Markets by Prof Nirmal Gupta. It was an awesome class, especially because of the case chosen for analysis today. It was a two page case after reading which none of us could have possibly predicted that such a detailed analysis […]

Here is a Section D collage that I prepared along with the section video and other stuff for the section party on Monday. It contains the snaps of all guys and gals of my section (D). You can zoom in to see the individual snaps.

Yes … its time for one more of the insightful ones made by our batch …. and this one happened as recently as yesterday in the international marketing class. I haven’t taken this subject but got to know about the CP at the section party yesterday. So here goes ….. Professor shows a slide depicting […]

Parties Galore


Admissions dept threw a party on Friday for all the people who had been involved in the admissions process. Spouses were also invited. It was certainly one of the best parties we have had here at ISB, may be because the party was of a different type – it was a party cum cruise in […]

Prof Nirmal Gupta (Marketing) has been voted by our batch as the “Professor of the Year – Elective Terms”. Earlier, our batch had voted Prof. Krishna Kumar (Macroeconomics) as the “Professor of the Year – Core Terms”. As I have written before, Prof. Nirmal Gupta is the professor I have liked the most here. The […]

dUnKiNg GlOrY There was a dunking competition between the sections organized close to midnight. A poll had been done earlier in the batch to crown the dunking dude and dudette of our batch and they were dunked too. Here are snaps from the event ….. all these snaps come courtesy “Vickie – The Clickie”, our […]


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