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Companies that make products can be imagined to lie on a continuum that has two ends – one end where all products manufactured are the same (standardized) and the other where each product manufactured is customized to the specific needs of the customer for whom it is manufactured. I think any resume made on campus […]

Kamalesh got married in Chennai on Saturday and returned to ISB today. KR & Co had decorated Kamalesh’s apartment here and we all planned to get inside his apartment and surprise him when he arrived with his wife. As soon as news came that Kamalesh had arrived on campus, we switched off all the lights […]

Came back just now from AT Kearney’s PPT and the informal chat with ATK employees after that. On the whole, it was a very useful session. The PPT was done very professionally and we had a fruitful interaction with two of their employees, one of whom was an ISB alum and the other one, an […]

Recordings of the Thyagaraja Aradhana organized by Jaya TV recently in Chennai were broadcast today morning. Many top artistes of the carnatic world were there. Some noted young vocalists were not present though. Three top mridangists – Umayalapuram K Sivaraman, Mannargudi Easwaran and Srimushnam Raja Rao led the percussionists. The good part about the program […]

Alok has started a new blog on learnings from ISB. URL is . The storehouse of knowledge that he is, I am sure this blog of his will be a good read and of help to many. Hope he keeps updating it regularly. McKinsey shortlist arrived yesterday. 35 people have been selected for the […]

I was having dinner yesterday night with my quaddie Alok when we suddenly started recounting how we met each other and what transpired on the day we entered the campus. In my case, I remember landing on campus along with some 20-25 other people in a Swaraj Mazda van that ISB had sent to pick […]

Foosball is the latest addiction for many here on campus. Ever since the foosball table was set up in our student village (courtesy Condi, our sports club president), people of all ages have been flocking this place. I have even seen people playing at 3AM early morning (or late night for them??). For my quaddie […]


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