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Term 6 is over but for the exams and the submissions. Just two more terms to go before I graduate. Time just flies past. The subjects I had taken this term were Consumer Focused Product Development, Cause Marketing, Global Operations Management and Outsourcing & IT Based Businesses. The one professor I would like to mention […]

Yesterday was the first time in the past one week when I had been able to sleep for about 3 hours in a day. I could only manage a total of about 6 hours of sleep in the 4 days before that put together, courtesy assignments and ELP. Gone are those days during the first […]

GMAT score submission deadline has been extended for this year’s round two applicants. The last date of application remains the same as before – January 7,2006 but applicants may send in their GMAT scores by January 15, 2006.Please read on for more details ….. There is a substantial growth noticed in the number of GMAT […]

KP’s birthday


Today is my quadmate KP’s birthday. Keeping with the tradition, he was dunked in the campus swimming pool at 12 midnight. His week long excuses of having a bad throat, slight fever, headache etc couldn’t save him from landing in the pool. Here are a few snaps …… The “swinging” before the “dunking” Dunked ! […]

Jaya TV organizes music concerts under the banner of “Margazhi Maha Utsavam” every year during the December Music Season in Chennai. These concerts are then broadcast on Jaya TV from Monday to Saturday, 6PM to 7PM and then a portion of each days broadcast is replayed again the next day morning from 6:30AM to 7AM. […]

Its been a while since I posted. Life has been real busy with assignments, Poseidon and ELP occupying all the time. Enjoyed participating in the Poseidon music competition. Though our ISB team didn’t win, I am satisfied with the effort we put in given the limited time (2 days) we had for practice. The latest […]



Have to post this here as a requirement for using an online survey ……. so here it goes ….. QuestionPro Online Survey Software employs an easy to use Wizard interface to author and deploy Web Based and Email Surveys. No knowledge of HTML or programming is required. A comprehensive suite of analysis tools, ranging from […]


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