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Mails have been pouring in for about 2-3 weeks now, of ISB students having secured first position in one B-School competition or the other. The latest news is that two ISB teams have been shortlisted for the final of the Innovation Challenge being organized by Thunderbird (The Garvin School of International Management). Of the 10 […]

Added many more blogs by ISBians to the list of blogs in the sidebar on the right. Check them out, especially the one by “Wife of an ISBian”.

Profs this term


I had listed the subjects I have taken this term and the profs teaching them in an earlier post of mine. (Click here to access the same). Prof. Vikas Mittal is “the coolest one“. He is very accomodative, easily approachable (not that the other ones aren’t) and probably the most friendly one. He brings back […]

Life in Term 5


“Kya se kya .. ho gaya ….” It suddenly seems like Term 1 days are back. New study groups have formed with the added complexity that the constituents differ for different subjects as different people have chosen different electives. Between the 5 subjects and the project that I am doing, I have some 26 different […]

Sanjay Bhattacharya, successful painter and Shekhar Kapur, famous director (of Elizabeth fame) were here on campus as a part of the Business & Arts programme. Sanjay Bhattacharya was the “Artist in Residence” this year and stayed at ISB for 3-4 days and made some lovely paintings. Heard he was very approachable and a very down-to-earth […]

Dandiya Nite


Dandiya nite today @ ISB was just awesome. All credit goes to the Spouses & Family Association (SFA) for organizing it and to students, their spouses & their kids, faculty and staff for such an enthusiastic participation. Sarovar people prepared a special Gujarati dinner …. certainly one of the best dinners I have had in […]

“The Music Season” refers to the festival of music and dance held annually by many sabhas (organizations that arrange concerts) in the city of Chennai (Madras) in the months of December & January every year. Very popular among fans of Indian Classical Music, especially among fans of Carnatic Music, the season involves performances by almost […]


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