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We had the last class of Investment Analysis (IA) taken by Prof. Subra (PS) today. When asked about the exam, this is what he had to say: “There will be 10 problems. Extensive partial credit will be given. So be sure to show your workings. In case you do not have workings to show, write […]

We had a farewell party for all the profs who taught us this term today. Here are a few snaps from the same …… Prof. Mudit Kapoor (Taught GSB for the first time in ISB and was probably one of the best profs of this term along with Prof. Tina Dacin. A very humble and […]

Prof Subra (PS) is teaching in class when suddenly someone’s mobile phone rings. Here is PS’s reaction: “Arey … gaane bajaao yaar … aur mazaa aayega … yeh kya puraane ringtone bajaate rehte ho … kuch nayaa download karo naa …. kajraare kajraare mere kaare kaare naina” (roughly translated into English: play some songs dude […]

The bidding for Term 5 electives has begun and needs to be completed by noon tomorrow. We have a total of about 4000 points and we are free to allot as much as we want to each of the courses subject to the facts that we do need some points out of the 4000 for […]

“The Tie” was the topic of a 30 minute exercise that Prof. Tina Dacin asked us to do in groups in the class on “Innovation” today. The objective was to take a tie and come up with as many ways as possible to improve it. Here are a few ideas that the students came up […]

This is probably the worst weekend of Term 4. There is so much work to be done and so many assignments to be completed. Yet a few of us didn’t feel like doing anything related to acads yesterday and went to Prasads, the movie theatre in the city. Reached there only to find out that […]

An opportunity to do that was provided by the MO mid term paper today. There were 15 subjective questions to be answered in 75 minutes. There were questions like “decision making …. xyz … abc .. blah .. blah .. blah …. do you agree or not?” I felt like writing “I agree, but not […]


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