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He is the prof who took our Leadership Development Program classes and is planning to take an elective for us on “Leadership Lessons from World Literature” in Term 8 of our course. He is probably one of the most well read persons I have ever met till date in my stint on this planet. All […]

3 out of 8 terms over. Gave the last two exams of the term today – Corporate Finance (taught by PBC ….. here comes the PBC talk again) and Entrepreneurship. Corp fin paper was multiple choice except for the last question. Lack of opportunity to write much in the exam (we had to just mark […]

Two exams of Term 3 over (managerial accounting & operations management). Needless to say, my record at ISB of commiting harakiri in the exams remains intact … …. yes, I did it this time too. Two more to go (Entrepreneurship and Corporate Finance) for the term to get over officially and for me to start […]

Exams tomorrow and day after. Then there is supposed to be a term break till Sunday but only for people who do not have their business presentation workshops and experiential learning projects (ELPs) lined up and I am not one of them :-( So the schedule goes like this: exams on Mon & Tue, the […]

We had an additional session of LDP today where Prof. Rajeshwar Upadhyay taught us 6 steps which if pursued seriously can lead us to greatness. One of the steps involved writing in slips of paper, what you felt were good qualities in your fellow classmates and giving the slips to them. Here are some that […]

We had the last two classes of Term 3 today – Entrepreneurship by Prof. Ramakrishna Velamuri and Operations Management by Prof. Sudhakar Deshmukh. For more details on the profs who taught us this term, please click here (an earlier post of mine). One thing that struck me was that the profs who have come till […]



No .. no … I am not refering to Normandy or the Second World War. We had our “Section D” day today. Our section T-shirts have arrived and they do look cool. Here are some snaps ….


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