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ISB beat BITS (Pilani) in football today to lift the first Sierra Atlantic Cup. Stud had a major contribution in the win …. Stud and soccer are probably inseparable. There was a sizable crowd present to cheer both teams and the din created by the drums could be heard miles away. We had the first […]

There is a party tonight at one of the student villages here. Its supposed to be full of fun with lots of games like tug of war with water throwing, beer drinking competition etc also lined up. After a long time, there have been a lot of sports related activities this weekend. The volume of […]

Sanjay rules !


Just came back after attending an awesome 2.5 hrs carnatic classical vocal concert by famous singer Sanjay Subrahmanyam. Decided to skip dinner@ISB and stay till the concert ended. Am really happy that I went to the concerts yesterday and today …. was a really good experience …. also reminded me that I need to keep […]

Today was one of the most satisfying days after coming here …. got a chance to attend a Carnatic Classical Vocal concert of the famous singer P.Unnikrishnan @ Ravindra Bharati, Hyderabad. Its been a long time since I played in or attended any concert and it felt really nice taking some time out of the […]

We have had one class each of all the subjects of this term. Prof Rajeshwar Upadhyay, who took a part of the Leadership Development Program in Term 1 is back to take the remaining sessions this term. He is an awesome speaker and claims that he can detect yawns and mental drifts on the part […]

I am back @ ISB and the first thing I saw today morning as I was walking towards my room was a batchmate of mine carrying a heavy load of books. Was shocked to hear that they were for him and not for his kid … which of course meant that I also needed to […]

Can’t believe it? I can’t either … but it seems that rains follow me wherever I go and Chennai has been no exception. It rained heavily in Delhi somedays before I left for ISB. It rained heavily in Hyderabad when I came there to ISB… and now when I come to thirsty Chennai, it rains […]


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