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Three of the four Profs who taught us this term are leaving as their teaching engagement with us for this year ended today. I really liked Prof Anjani Jain. He is the vice dean of Wharton, has been teaching for about 19 years there and had been coming to ISB ever since its inception. The […]

Assignment submissions continue and stretching into the wee hours of the morning is becoming more of a routine. My classes this term start at 8:30AM in the morning and lack of proper sleep over the past few days has been playing upon me. Decision models and Optimization is an interesting subject and Prof Anjani Jain […]

Don’t remember doing anything else in the past week other than finishing assignments and submitting them one by one ……. and in case you just thought its all over, these submissions continue throughout the term. We have at least 3-4 assignments and 2 Markstrat decision submissions every week. There are at least 2-3 cases to […]

There is a (emergency) power outage since morning here at ISB. This however didn’t prevent the professors from taking their classes. Our classrooms here are kind of closed from all sides, devoid of (openable) windows with just two doors for entry/exit. It gets really suffocating if the centralized a/c doesn’t work which was precisely the […]

Bad day …..


Bad day … 8 hours of classes …… and then watched Sania Mirza go down fighting in the second round at Wimbledon. Kudos to Sania anyway …. she fought really well. Hope she gets a good trainer who can work with her on her shortcomings. She is sure to shine if she continues playing with […]

We had our first class of Marketing Decision Making by Prof. Jagmohan Raju today. We had heard a lot about him and he was, in my opinion, simply too good !! Though it is somewhat early in the term, I would probably rate him higher than the marketing profs we had in Term 1, though […]

Cricket: Was shocked & surprised when I read on the net that Bangladesh beat Australia by 5 wickets. Would have been interesting to see the match. Seems like ages since I watched a cricket match on TV. The sports club prez has promised to show all major sporting events on the big screen. The Indianapolis […]


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