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Life has suddenly become too hectic. End-term exams are staring me in the face. There is a lot to study because of the heavy backlog I accumulated. We have classes this entire week too and then exams next monday. Assignments continue to take a heavy toll. Most of my time this weekend has again been […]

Emerging out of the pool after getting dunked … hey its not me …….

After basketball, football and volleyball, its cricket’s turn this weekend. The first of the two indoor mini test matches today was won by Section B (against Section A). The match between my section (D) and Section C is going to start in a few minutes. A new Tamil movie (Sachin) was screened at one of […]

I got dunked in the pool today ( @ 12:05AM) …. no it was not my birthday. I went in on popular demand. Everyone standing there either got dunked or went in by himself. We have a photo session tomorrow for the recruiter’s handbook. Have to wear business suit and neck tie. Feeling real sleepy […]

To read the newspaper articles about this and the profile of Class of 2006, please click here. You will also find old press releases/reports at the same link.

Slept at 4:30AM today morning after discussing a marketing case study with my group. This is the longest I have stretched into the night (or should I say early morning) after coming to ISB. Looks like there are many more sleepless nights in store for me. One of my study-group-mates had her birthday yesterday and […]

amit_birthday, originally uploaded by rramkr. Here is a photo of Amit cutting the birthday cake at 12:15AM after getting dunked 3 times in the pool. Will post the dunking photos in case I am able to lay my hands on them.


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