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Yesterday night, our batch threw a big farewell party for all alumni who were there on campus. They have been extremely helpful and this is the least we could probably do as a mark of appreciation from our side. They were offered free beer. I came back from the party at 3AM after dancing for […]

Dunking is one of the traditions started by the founding batch (or the batch next to it …. I am not sure) and is religiously followed every year. The birthday boy or girl is dunked into the campus swimming pool. It usually happens that one or two more innocent souls also get dunked in the […]

We had a session on Leadership Development Programme taken by Prof. Rajeshwar Upadhyaya yesterday. He was simply awesome. He was one guy who knew how to control arbit questions in the class and answer only the meaningful ones. We will be seeing more of him in the next two weeks. We also had intoductory sessions […]

Feels really good ……. after all the wait, I am finally a part of ISB’s Class of 2006 !!! Apologies (to anyone reading this blog) – I had promised to update this fairly regularly but its a long time since I wrote anything. I will partly blame this on the fact that I got my […]

Here are some good ISB related blogs (click on the name to go to the respective blogs): 1) Raja Banerjee’s blog 2) Ramki’s blog 3) Sumit Dhar’s blog 4) Sujayath’s blog 5) The collaborative blog Lots of info there in these blogs. Raja Banerjee, whose blog is the first in the list above, helped the […]

In case you are applying for ISB in the coming years and want to have all your questions answered, then do subscribe to the Yahoo Group ““. You have current students, alumni and prospective students all together in one forum there. If you want to read about the graduation of the Class of 2005 then […]

Here is the latest addition to the world of blogging …. my name is R. Ramkumar but all my friends call me Ram. I am planning to join the one year post graduate program in management at the Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad. Course starts on 16th April 2005 and I am busy wrapping […]


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